Holliston Youth Football

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Welcome to Holliston Youth Football – 2018



The Holliston Youth Football program provides an atmosphere where youth football players learn the fundamentals of football while participating in a competitive league. The program emphasizes teamwork, leadership, respect for one another, safety and fun. 



Registration opens online MAY 1st - MAY 31st, 2018


Tackle Football

Boys and girls 4th grade through 8th grade are eligible to participate.


    Cost:         Football:     $295 per child    

  •    $50 fee for late registrations
  •    Family Cap is $750

Flag Football NOW being offered in Holliston!  1st grade through 4th grade are eligible to participate.


Cost:      $150 per child


   Refund Policy:


If a child withdraws from the program:

                               Timeframe                Refund

On or before 7/25/2018        50% 

            After 7/25/2018        0






American Youth Football is unique among other youth sports programs in that it requires its participants to maintain satisfactory progress in their academic studies. 


Report cards from the most recent school year are required. If the participants grade average drops below 70%, a scholastic eligibility form must be signed by a school administrator. Any participant with a grade average over 96% is eligible to be nominated as an “All-American Scholar. You will be notified if your child is eligible.



The success of our organization depends on parent participation. We have many volunteer opportunities for the upcoming season. Please consider joining us!


Equipment Team:

  • We are looking for 3 folks, 1 Lead with good organizational skills to manage HYFB’s Equipment. Primary responsibilities are equipment hand out & equipment collection. HYFB sends the helmets out to the manufacturer to be certified. The lead person would be on the HYFB Board.


Volunteers are also needed for the following areas: 

  • Equipment     Fitting, Distribution & Collection
  • Game Day Set-up/Clean-up Crew
  • Game Day Coordinators for each team
  • Chain Gang
  • Game Day – Mandatory Play Requirement (MPR) counters.
  • Video Camera Operators
  • Concessions
  • Spirit Wear
  • Fundraising


If you are interested or have questions, please call Scott Elliott 781-820-5194 regarding Game  Day Operation & Equipment or Mary Killelea 508-361-4326 if you are interested in Concessions, Spirit Wear or Fundraising.


Sports Parent Code of Conduct:

The Tri Valley/Dual County Football League requires that all parents associated with the program adhere to the Code of Conduct Agreement as stated in the registration contract.



2018 Schedule:


    Preseason Practice: 

8/1/2018 thru 8/23/2018          Monday thru Thursday 6 – 8 PM


    Regular Season Practice

August 28th  thru October         2 Weekday Practices ** 6 –7:30 PM

Saturday Morning practice



        Season begins on the weekend of Saturday, Sept  2, 2018.

Most all other games are played on Sundays.


During the season, any player that misses more than 1 practice during the week will not be eligible to participate in that week’s game.


**Weeknight practices will be on Tuesday and Thursday. This is subject to change based on field availability.


Equipment Distribution

Players will be contacted prior to the start of pre-season practice regarding equipment distribution.


Team Placement:  Holliston has 4 competitive levels that are based on the American Youth Football Schematic.


Each team will play an 8 game regular season schedule followed by post-season playoff games.



In cases where we have multiple teams at a level, teams will be drafted in accordance with the guidelines established by the Tri-Valley/Dual County League. A TV/DC league official will supervise the draft. Requests for team placement will not be accepted.


In order to enhance both the player and the team’s ability to succeed, football players will be placed on the lowest level team that they are eligible for.


The teams are as follows:


                                   AYF ALL-AMERICAN DIVISION
                                     Grade-Based/Age Protected

Grade Max.1

Age Range

Protected Age

Protected Age Explanation                          
2nd-3rd 7,8,9 9 9 in 3rd grade, cannot turn 10 on or before 08/01
4th 8,9,10 10 10 in 4th grade, cannot turn 11 on or before 08/01
5th 9,10,11 11 11 in 5th grade, cannot turn 12 on or before 08/01
6th 10,11,12 12 12 in 6th grade, cannot turn 13 on or before 08/01
7th 11,12,13 13 13 in 7th grade, cannot turn 14 on or before 08/01
8th 12,13,14 14 14 in 8th grade, cannot turn 15 on or before 08/01


    1.  Grades can be combined by the Association, with players playing "up" on a team designated for a higher grade, but players may not play "down" on a team designated for a grade lower than their grade.

Players exceeding the high end of the age range for their designated grade must play up to a higher grade level for which their age does not exceed the high end of the specified age range.                   


* Age as of 8/1/2018



If you have any questions regarding the program please contact Scott Elliott: