Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Friday May 4, 2018 by Jennifer Rodenhiser.

Holliston Youth Cheer

Frequently asked questions:

Who is eligible to cheer?  Youth entering kindergarten through 8th grade in the fall of 2018  (Ages 5-14)

What if my child has never cheered before?  You absolutely do not need any experience to enjoy cheerleading or contribute to the success of a squad.  We welcome and encourage children of all ages to give cheer a try.  Cheerleading requires people of various shapes, sizes and abilities.  While some children have tumbling skills, others do not.  Some have dance skills, others do not.  Some children are loud-  an asset in the world of cheerleading!  A positive attitude is valued above skill set or experience. 

When do you start?  Cheer begins on July 30th.  Our first week will run Monday through Friday, focusing on conditioning. All summer practice will start at 6:00.  Grades K-2 will end at 7:30.  Grades 3-8 will end at 8:00.  

Where is practice?  Summer practice will be at Damigella Field (across from NGMA on Woodland street)

What if we have vacation planned in August?  Although many cheerleading programs have a mandatory summer practice requirement, HYC does not.  We do expect you to provide the dates your child will not attend summer practice so we can plan accordingly.  

What about when school starts?  Practice will drop down to 2 days a week for grades 3-8.  Practice for K-2 will be 1 or 2 days a week.  We won't know the exact location/day until we're provided with field and gym availability, which will not happen until July.   We're unable to confirm your child's fall practice schedule before registration closes, however, practice days depend on coaches availability and we're able to share which days will not be a practice day and which days we expect to be a practice day.

Where is fall practice? We, Holliston Youth Cheer, face many obstacles in securing consistent fall practice space.  The locations might include our High School Gym, Elite Gymnastics in Ashland, Shen's Gymnastics in Holliston, Flagg Field, Damigella field, or space yet to be determined.  Although the locations might vary week to week, a complete fall schedule will be provided for you in July/August.  

What about football games?  We will cheer on our boys - Holliston Youth Football. They play 8 Sunday games, beginning Labor Day weekend.  With more football teams than cheerleading squads, we have flexibility on which team to cheer for.  The football game schedule comes out late August and we'll provide you with our game cheering schedule after we decide (factors we consider are game location and time of day).  

What about Cheerleading Competitions?  A routine will be provided for each squad to perform at 2 local competitions.  (Grades K-2 may be "exhibiting" rather than "competing")  Family and friends come together to watch while judges score the performances, based on routine difficulty and execution, to determine 1st place, 2nd place etc ("exhibiting" squads are not judged).  It is an opportunity to showcase the hard work and effort they put in all season.  Competitions are exciting and fun but they aren't mandatory.  We do however, need to know as soon as possible if there is a chance your child will not participate in competition.  The two competitions planned (1) Framingham State, time and date TBD (2) Bellingham High, tentatively set for October 27th.

What about uniforms?  Holliston Cheer provides each registered cheerleader with a skirt and shell.  At the least: solid white sneakers, no-show white socks, hair bow, black body suit, red bloomers and black leggings must be obtained by the cheerleader.  Details about where to get these items and when you need them by will be provided soon.  

Is there anything else I should know?  Yes.  We are in need of coaches.  Even if you have never cheered a day in your life nor do you know anything about cheer... if you're interested in being involved in something with your child, cheer could be it.  We don't expect or need coaches to be at every practice or game... let us know what might work for you- a small amount of help could have a big impact.  The 9 coaches we currently have on board will be attending a COACHES TRAINING JUNE 9TH 7:30am-11:00am consider joining us!!  *If you're better with emails and other tasks you can do from home we will be looking for "squad moms" as well.